Strat Capital is a provider of specialist asset finance, management and advisory services to the aviation industry and other real assets such as renewable energy infrastructure delivering superior economic outcomes for our clients and investors.


Strat Capital has developed a unique proprietary structure for wholesale investors to derive superior risk adjusted returns, focusing on capital preservation and cash flow secured by ‘real assets’.


Wholesale investors are invited co-invest with Strat Capital in asset finance transactions arranged and managed by Strat Capital.

Separately Managed Accounts

Strat Capital advises and manages individual assets on behalf of Family Office investors in Commercial Aviation.


Strat Capital is uniquely placed to be able to take asset risk on its balance sheet, making it a specialist in Operating Lease, Mezz Debt and Bridging Finance solutions for fixed asset businesses.

Commercial Aviation

Strat Capital is particularly focussed on the aviation industry, funding commercial aircraft (fixed and rotary-wing) and regional airport development.

Renewable Energy

Supporting the renewable energy sector with innovative funding structures for commercial and utility scale solar and wind farms.