Commercial aircraft leasing is a mature and stable asset class controlled by major global banks and insurers globally. Strat Capital’s management have participated in the acquisition and financing of A$5.5bn worth of aircraft.

Passenger Jets

Strat Capital is actively seeking sale-and-leaseback opportunities with tier one airlines in Australia and abroad. Targeting Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 aircraft.

Commercial Fixed and Rotary Wing

Strat Capital offer Operating Lease and Mezzanine finance products to commercial aircraft operators both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.


Regional centres rely heavily on their airports to connect them to supplies, tourism and medical treatment, however there has been a distinct lack of investment over the last 50 years due to low commercial utility.

Facilities Upgrades

Regional airports represent a great opportunity for investors to have a positive impact of regional communities developing the flight facilities to attract / enable higher volumes of transport.

Sustainable Development

Strat Capital partner with solar energy companies to develop a sustainable energy source to power the airports and the broader communities.